How does IFRS adoption impact business?

We would like to bring you the latest issue of Mazars IFRS Newsletter – “How does IFRS adoption impact business” in December 2023 with notable points as below.

1. IFRS will impact many areas of your company’s business beyond the accounting and finance departments.

In this newsletter, we identify the keyways in which the adoption of IFRS will have on the different areas of your business, both internally and externally. To implement this transformation effectively, it's crucial to engage representatives from different departments to ensure a seamless transition.

2. The adoption of IFRS brings with it threats, but also presents opportunities

For example, the introduction of IFRS will change the reported results and financial position of your business, potentially introduce greater volatility into reporting. On the other hand, IFRS provides a high-quality, global set of standards for monitoring financial performance. This should facilitate improved communications with analysts, investors, financial markets and other users of the financial statements.


Download the full issue in below.


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