Transfer Pricing Service in Vietnam

At Mazars we provide you with transfer pricing services. Transfer pricing, the price at which goods and services are sold between associated enterprises, is regularly acknowledged to be the most important tax issue facing multinational businesses.

It is widely recognized that it can provide excellent tax saving opportunities but it can also give rise to significant compliance issues. For these reasons effective transfer pricing policies are of fundamental importance to group tax and risk management strategies, particularly in the current economic climate .

What are the benefits arising from the effective use of transfer pricing?

Utilizing opportunities provided by transfer pricing can provide benefits such as:

  • A lower effective tax rate
  • Relief for stranded losses
  • Better cost control, and
  • Improved cash flow.

In addition, an effective risk management strategy should provide certainty that transfer pricing exposures are managed efficiently and give assurance to directors, auditors and other stakeholders that the policy can be supported if challenged.

What makes the Mazars’ team different?

Our team of tax specialists, accountants and economists have worked with many clients to provide tailored transfer pricing solutions which have delivered real benefits to their businesses. We have many years of experience working in the “Big 4”, and also in the transfer pricing specialist team at HM Revenue and Customs. This provides us with excellent insights into solutions that have proved successful with clients across various industries and also the policies and procedures adopted by tax authorities. Our global reach to almost 100 countries means that we have the international presence to meet your transfer pricing requirements .

Transfer Pricing databases from Mazars