HR & Labour guideline for foreign workers and investors to work in Vietnam

The growing pace of economic globalization has created more opportunities for foreign workers and investors than ever before. Accordingly, there is an undeniably growing trend in the number of foreigners moving to Vietnam for work and living due to pleasant remuneration packages and welcoming culture.

Vietnam has remained as one of the most attractive destinations for foreign workers in recent years. This is due to various advantages, namely nice weather, low cost of living, attractive remuneration and plenty of choices for foreigners of numerous classifications.

All foreigners working in Vietnam must obtain valid work permit. In addition, they are equally protected by Vietnam employment laws and are requested to follow country labour code. For those who want to adjust and maintain their excellence in a different environment, it is imperative to follow the provisions of the local legal framework related to human resource management and labour.

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*** The information contained in this document plays a role as useful references and should not be treated as a substitute for legal or professional advice. Please be aware that the laws and regulations may change at any time. We highly recommend you seek professional advice specific to your own circumstances.











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