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2020 and 2021 are unforgettable years for businesses operating in Vietnam with unprecedented impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. As the pandemic subsided in 2022, some businesses witnessed a detrimental effect on cash flow whilst others are at a stage where it is essential to start serious contingency planning for a global economic downturn. Understanding the difficulties that you may have been experiencing, Mazars would like to be by your side as a sharing partner and provide companies with the best support when needed within our expertise in the most cost-effective manner.

We believe the provision of certain following services can furnish some added value to you:


The busy season is about to roll around, where the workload is required intensively to catch up with the statutory deadline, causing tremendous burnout to every tax/accounting personnel and the management of enterprises. Understanding this headache, we have local knowledge to assist companies with finalisation tasks, help you prepare the year-end CIT return efficiently and professionally, avoiding distraction from your core business.


Along with the must-do paperwork around the tax filing deadline, ensuring the accuracy of a great deal of tax treatments is also stressful for accountants and enterprises. Indeed, we observed dilemmas of enterprises when additional hefty tax bills were imposed due to the fact that their accounting team with limited members cannot fully perceive loads of tax rulings.

To assist clients to avoid undesirable tax arrears, our team, with in-depth expertise and experience honed via handling various practical cases, can carry out comprehensive review of all tax obligations, detect hidden exposures and propose adjustments where applicable.


Always standing by clients’ side to deal with the most rigid tax audit/inspection, we have specialists in back duty investigations and tax audits who can advise companies and liaise with the tax authorities on your behalf to ensure that the assessed back tax and penalties are kept to a minimum.

  • Pre-tax audit support: Before tax audit is carried out, an extensive/high-level review can be carried by our team to navigate risky issues which can be challenged by tax inspectors.
  • Tax audit and post-tax audit support: When it comes to the tax audit, we will, on your behalf, actively communicate with the tax inspection team, explain nature of queried transactions to grab mutual understanding among parties until the tax audit is finalised.


Besides our commitment to offer you professional services with competitive price in this difficult period of time, we are pleased to offer a one-hour complimentary consultation from our experts for companies that are uncertain about their tax position.

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