Beyond the GAAP No. 182 - November 2023

As 2023 year-end closing approaches, we present our traditional overview of the texts published by the IASB, taking account of their endorsement process at European level. This includes the latest developments concerning the European Union's endorsement of the IAS 12 amendments relating to OECD Pillar Two and the IFRS 16 amendments on lease liabilities arising from sale and leaseback transactions. The study also indicates which texts are mandatory and which are optional for this reporting period.

Looking a little further into the future, we also consider the IASB’s recently published exposure draft of proposed amendments to IAS 32, IFRS 7 and IFRS 1 on the classification of financial instruments with characteristics of equity (“FICE”), for which the comment period runs until 29 March 2024.

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Beyond the GAAP no.182 - November 2023
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