APAC payroll newsletter 2022 Vol. 3

APAC's payroll complexities go beyond geography. There are plenty of regional details, legislation, and practices to consider when dealing with APAC payroll. To meet APAC payroll requirement successfully, businesses need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the unique regional requirements and the issues at play in their chosen business location. Our APAC payroll newsletter helps you stay on top of payroll updates with tips and advice to simplify what can be a complex part of running your business.

Keywords: Mazars, Vietnam, Payroll, APAC

Key highlights:


  • Superannuation changes


  • Change to Social Welfare contribution


  • New format of Tax ID number  


  • Childcare Leave at time of birth
  • Change of Benefit payment limit  
  • Change in the social insurance exemption during Childcare Leave  
  • Application of Dependent Deductions on taxable income for family dependents living overseas (outside of Japan)  


  • Abolition of the application period for Flat tax rate for foreign workers (applied from 2023 income)
  • Income tax reduction for foreign engineers (applied from the first labor provision in Korea from the fiscal year 2023)
  • Income tax rate adjustment (from January 2023)
  • Shorten the submission cycle of simplified statement (applicable to the income from January 2024)
  • Reducing the burden of housing expenses (applicable from 2022 year-end tax settlement)
  • Increase of the limit of non-taxable meal allowance (from January 2023)
  • Increase of retirement pension account tax credit (from January 2023)


  • Amendments to Employment Act 1995
  • Social Security Organisation (SOCSO)


  • Increase in CPF contribution rates


  • New minimum wage from 1 October 2022
  • Reduction in Social Security Fund contributions

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APAC payroll newsletter 2022 vol.3