Joe Pilley Director - Global Mobility

Joe leads the delivery of our Global Mobility advisory and compliance services in the UK. He assists companies with their internationally mobile workers whether assignees, frequent travellers or remote workers, aiming to minimise risk, optimise cost and create a better model for them to do business.


Joe has spent over 30 years advising companies on their internationally mobile workers. After successfully leading the Global Mobility team at EY in the Midlands region, Joe has spent the last 5 years building the capabilities of our Global Mobility practice, doubling it in size in the last three years alone. Joe works with a range of clients from new entrants to established payers and covers all sectors but with a focus on Financial Services, Consumer and Energy.

Joe also sits on the global steerco for Global Mobility working to deliver technology, education, systems, processes and connectivity to our teams across all 94 countries.

Work Highlights 

Joe is particularly proud of his work transforming our Global Mobility business (both nationally and internationally) from a reactive practice focused on small business referrals into one that has an ambition to compete with the big 4.

The last three years have seen a personal focus on bringing our IT support services for Global Mobility clients up to date providing a consistent brand and experience for our clients, whatever country they are in, as well as delivering improved data security and consistent global reporting capabilities.

Accreditations/ Memberships of professional bodies 

  • Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)

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