Our Vietnam team has a proven track record of undertaking complex investigations across a broad range of sectors, both nationally and internationally, on a variety of different matters.

We are recognized for our ability to present complex financial information in a manner that can be understood easily. Our qualified accountants and fraud examiners are objective, proactive, and have the commercial knowledge to help with:

  • Financial investigations           
  • Fraud and corruption investigations   
  • Government and regulatory inquiries
  • Tax investigations
  • Corporate investigation skill training

The risk of fraud is a growing problem that all organizations must take seriously.An investigation of corruption or economic crime requires swift and thorough action from seasoned experts. Data collection and analysis must be conducted effectively with minimum disruption, enabling the company to continue operating, and to prevent any financial or reputational risks.

Proactive work: 

  • Risk profiling
  • Fraud awareness and crime reduction surveys
  • Awareness presentations/workshops
  • Assessment of existing/development of new policies, procedures and guidance
  • Data analytics/mining/matching

Reactive work: 

  • Fact finding to a full investigation
  • Seeking to identify the perpetrator and recover any losses
  • Deterrence and prevention measures
  • Quantifying alleged improper payments