Vietnam Tax and Legal Updates March & April 2015

As part of our extended professional service, we are offering to our valued clients timely updates on Tax and Legal regulations. Our March & April 2015 issue will feature highlights from Law on Enterprise 2014 and Law on Investment 2014. Besides, we would also like to bring your attention to some new official documents with detailed tax guidance on different tax procedures and some updates on tax policies

(1) New official documents with detailed tax guidance on
 - Value added tax, tax administration and invoicing (Circular 26)
 - Sanctioning of administrative violations regarding the tax inspection of transfer pricing (OL No. 109/TCT-CC)
 - PIT finalization of expatriate before exiting Vietnam (OL No. 322/TCT-TNCN)
 - Issuance of PIT code for dependent who has already had a PIT code (OL No. 1333/TCT-TNCN)
 - Housing benefits to be included in taxable income (OL No. 1348/TCT-TNCN)

(2) Updates on tax policies
 - On house rental for the employee (official letter (“OL”) No. 5992/TCT-TNCN)
 - On exported goods (OL No. 9482/CT-TTHT)
 - On salary, wages of the owner of private company or one member limited liability company (owned by an individual) (OL No. 917/TCT-TNCN)
 - On Exploration expenses and initial set—up of investment projects (OL No. 234/TCT-DNL)
 - Deadline of tax registration and changing the tax registration information (Circular No. 156/2013/TT-BTC, Circular No. 80/2012/TT-BTC and the Law on Tax administration, the GDT issued OL No. 755/TCT-KK dated 5 March 2015)
 - On Expenses for health insurance for employees (OL No. 1694/BTC-CST)

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