Vietnam Legal and Tax Update March & April 2014

We are pleased to attach our Vietnam Legal and Tax Update for March and April 2014. In this edition, we highlight the following breaking news.

  • Circular No.01 Operational Licenses  for  labour outsourcing activities
  • Circular No. 03 Licensing employment of foreign workers
  • Circular No. 22 E-customs procedures on commercially imported-exported goods
  • Circular No. 219 Value Added Tax
  • Circular No. 39 Use of invoice for goods sale and service provision
  • Official letter No. 676 Using red ink on invoices
  • Official letter No. 815 Public information on  the business organisations and individuals  having  who evade  tax
  • Official letter No. 939 Foreign Contractor Tax  and  on the spot mode
  • Official letter No. 827 Tax policy for fire damage. 
  • Official letter No. 1412 Use of export invoices
  • Official letter No. 5485/BTC-TCT provides Voluntary registration for new companies  deduction method for tax

Please download the full version of our analysis in Vietnamese and English

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