2016 is gone and the year of the Monkey will soon leave place to a burning Rooster. So what does it mean for us, who are doing business in Vietnam? At Mazars Vietnam we are not fond of crystal balls, but we still would like to list down for you the most important changes to come that might impact your businesses.

What will it bring to Vietnam and foreign investors in Vietnam?

Our top 10 significant topics for CEOs and CFOs to lookout:

  1. Transfer Pricing
  2. More Tax Audits…Which Focus on TP
  3. Labour Law
  4. EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)
  5. New Regulations on Export and Import Tax
  6. Amendment to the List of Conditional Business Lines
  7. Law on Accounting
  8. Internal Audit, Procedures & Revised Anti-Corruption Law
  9. Limitation on Interest Rate at 20%/year
  10. Expected Regulations to be Amended In 2017

Download the full issue in English as below.

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Doing Business in Vietnam 2016

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