Beyond the GAAP - No.141 - February 2020

Following the announcement of the first results for 2019 in February, companies that have not yet closed their accounts need to consider the potential implications of the current coronavirus epidemic for the disclosures required in the notes on events after the reporting period in accordance with IAS 10, as some market regulators have just recalled.

The full economic and accounting repercussions of this new (health) crisis are not yet known, but meanwhile, the IBOR reform of benchmark rates – a result of the previous (financial) crisis in 2008 and the manipulation of interest rates by certain banks – will soon come into effect. Against this background, the IASB is continuing its work on amending IFRSs (Phase 2 of the project) to clarify the accounting treatment to be used for modifications to benchmark rates as a result of the reform. In this issue of Beyond the GAAP, we update our readers on the tentative decisions made by the IASB in preparation for amending standards.

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