Mazars in Vietnam Newsletter - Tax & Legal Update - Issue July 2021

We would like to bring you tax and legal updates for July 2021 with the following highlights influencing the corporate operations and payroll activities.

Operational Updates

  1. Official letter 1111/TCT-DNL providing guidance on Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”) of enterprise’ expenses related to machine and medical equipment for hire
  2. Official letter 1713/TCT-KK providing guidance on VAT refund dossier for investment project (“IP”) in a different province/city
  3. Official letter 10585/CTBDU-TTHT providing guidance on CIT treatment on annual leave encashment of employee
  4. Official letter 22087/CTHN-TTHT guiding responsibility of providing bank account information to tax authority

Payroll Updates

  1. Official letter 2393/TCT-DNNCN on declaring Personal Income Tax (“PIT”)


Our support

For regulation changes and tax matters, we can provide you with assistance on:

  • Registration, declaration of Personal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT and Foreign Contractor Tax.
  • Tax refunds assistance and representation.
  • Consultancy on utilizing opportunities provided by transfer pricing.
  • Customs Advisory: Compliance & Reporting; FTA and C/O; Harmonised System code classification and valuation; Inventory control; International trade arrangement; and Others.

Download the issue in the PDF extension in English and Vietnamese as below.

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[ENG] Mazars in Vietnam_Tax & Legal Newsletter_July 2021
[ENG] Mazars in Vietnam_​Tax & Legal Newsletter_​July 2021
[VIE] Mazars Việt Nam_Tin Thuế và Luật_Tháng 7-2021
[VIE] Mazars Việt Nam_​Tin Thuế và Luật_​Tháng 7-2021