Mazars in Vietnam Newsletter - Customs Update - Issue March 2021

We would like to bring you notable customs updates for March 2021 with the following highlights influencing the corporate operations activities:

This month newsletter will cover notable points as belows:

  1. Allowing several C/Os to be declared with 01 commercial invoice
  2. Exported scrap subjecting to export duty regardless of source
  3. Not accepting monitoring sheet in case of late submission after Customs clearance
  4. Duty-free imported machinery which has been fully depreciated still required to undergo the Customs declaration and pay tax upon liquidation
  5. Announcement on website to check electronic C/O issued by Myanmar authorities
  6. Guidance on tax treatment in case of exported products being re-imported but kept in Vietnam longer than the registered timeline (for re-export back abroad)
  7. Packaging pre-printed with foreign origin is prohibited from import
  8. Not accepting C/O with multi-nation origins
  9. Form D using old form issued by Filipino authority is accepted until 31/07/2021
  10. Guidance on Customs procedure and tax treatment in case local contractors import C/O construction materials for EPE customers
  11. C/O Form E with back site left blank is not accepted

Our support

For regulation changes and tax matters, we can provide you with assistance on:

  • Registration, declaration of Personal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT and Foreign Contractor Tax.
  • Tax refunds assistance and representation.
  • Consultancy on utilizing opportunities provided by transfer pricing.
  • Customs Advisory: Compliance & Reporting; FTA and C/O; Harmonised System code classification and valuation; Inventory control; International trade arrangement; and Others.

Download the issue in the PDF extension in English and Vietnamese as below.

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[ENG] Mazars in Vietnam_Customs Newsletter_March 2021
[ENG] Mazars in Vietnam_​Customs Newsletter_​March 2021
[VIE] Mazars Việt Nam_Tin Hải quan_Tháng 3-2021
[VIE] Mazars Việt Nam_​Tin Hải quan_​Tháng 3-2021