Tax Labour Calendar 2017

As we have come to end of the year 2016, we are delighted to offer this “Compliance Calendar” in English and Vietnamese including periodic requirements of tax and labour compliance as stipulated in the latest legal documents. Any non-compliance will possibly subject to administrative penalties under prescribed laws and regulations. We would like to highlight the closing deadlines need your special attention as per below:

20 December 2016

The deadline for submitting the notification of applying Value Added Tax (“VAT”) credit method (the form No. 06/GTGT issued together with Circular 156/2013/TT-BTC on tax administration) – in case the organization is not eligible to apply VAT credit method, but wishes to apply such method;

31 December 2016

The deadline for submitting License Tax/License Fee declaration if there is any change of factors which might change the payable amount. Of note, from 2017, License Tax shall be regulated under Law on Fees and Charges 2015 and change its name to License Fee, with changes in fee levels as well. In addition, such License Fee shall be also applied for the Representative Office of the enterprises or organizations which are established and operate under Vietnamese regulations;

20 February 2017

Reassessment for whether the company need to declare VAT on monthly or quarterly basis for a new cycle. In case the company is subject to  quarterly VAT declaration however wish to declare VAT on a monthly basis, the notification to change the basis of VAT declaration from quarterly to monthly no later than the deadline for submission of the first monthly VAT declaration form (i.e. 20 February 2017).

We do hope this Compliance Calendar is helpful to you in your daily work.

Should you have any specific tax and labour related inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us through your regular Mazars Vietnam contacts or the mentioned one in this Compliance Calendar.

Download the full Compliance Calendars in English and Vietnamese as below.

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MazarsVietnam_Tax Labour Calendar 2017 (ENG)
MazarsVietnam_​Tax Labour Calendar 2017 (ENG)
MazarsVietnam_TaxLabour Calendar 2017 (VIE)
MazarsVietnam_​TaxLabour Calendar 2017 (VIE)