Male/female relations: What do men think?

An international survey conducted by Mazars and WoMen'Up analyses the perspectives of men from 60 nationalities on evolving male/female relations.

In many countries, the 20th century has come to be known as the century of women’s emancipation. A century of conquest has propelled women into top positions in political, economic and intellectual circles. Around the globe, women are entering the workforce in vast numbers, filling jobs that were once reserved for men. In some countries, there still lies a gap between men and women, especially with respect to equality and access to education. However small-scale initiatives are emerging.

Although gender diversity has not yet been fully achieved, Generation Y women are by far the most independent and liberated women of all time: access to health care, to education, to jobs... and some have reached powerful positions! The road is still long but it has been clearly marked.

This point was acknowledged by 89% of the men who participated in our study. They understand the extent to which the women’s role has evolved in their country.

However, 9% of them believe that women have gained too much headway... A result that begs the question of men’s place in women’s conquests. Is progress being made too quickly? Are women too ambitious? Have they gone one step too far? 
What assessment can we draw up today of the progress that has been made in terms of the woman’s place in society? 
Which spheres have been established? Which spheres must be challenged? 
If the woman’s place in society has effectively changed, what about the role of men?

These are the questions that Mazars and WoMen’Up decided to ask 750 generation Y men of 60 different nationalities.
The survey is available in English and in French. Discover the key figures of the survey in the video below.


Male/female relations: What do men think?
Male/female relations: What do men think?