PIT Compliance Service Brochure

Mazars would help you with our professional payroll outsourcing services, by managing your human resources with the dedication of experienced teams. We know how key your people are to the success of your organization and how complicate it can be to follow-up and ensure the right decisions are made in a highly changing environment.

Mazars’ PIT for expat survival guide

  1. Worldwide income includes all your revenue received in and outside Vietnam, even if not related to your activity here.
  2. Employment income under consideration shall include non-salary compensation, such as housing, insurance, company car, home leave flight ticket, school fee for kids etc., among which some are non-taxable (subject to certain conditions).
  3. In order to benefit from preferential tax treatment for housing, you need to have the house rent arranged under the company (in terms of contract, invoice & payment).
  4. Where a Double Tax Agreement (DTA) is in place, DTA application on revenue taxed outside Vietnam shall be considered and documented ahead as this is not an automatic process.
  5. In the computation of your residency status, the tax assessment period may also be 12-month consecutive, not necessarily a calendar year, so be mindful of your previous trip to Vietnam.
  6. The expats for working in Vietnam are governed under the Vietnam’s Labour Code, and hence may be entitled to severance pay at the end of the assignment (which is tax free if paid in accordance with the Labour Code).
  7. ODA experts are entitled to special tax treatments in Vietnam (along with others, such as work permit, visa) but it is first necessary to go through the lengthy procedures in obtaining certificate of ODA expert status and certificate of tax exemption.
  8. I-NGO experts are also entitled to special tax treatment in Vietnam in case of (i) he/she working for the i-NGO who has the MOU with preferential term on PIT for expat and his/her income is not covered by the project fund in Vietnam; or (ii) he/she directly carrying out the activities of iNGO project in accordance with Term of Reference which is approved by the competent authority. Of note, some administrative tasks to notify the tax authority for such cases are required.  

Our scopes of services in Vietnam include:

  • Payroll Processing Services
  • Personal Income Tax Service
  • Compulsory Insurance and Trade Union
  • Immigration
  • Tax Planning
  • HR Management

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Mazars_Personal Income Tax_Brochure
Mazars_​Personal Income Tax_​Brochure
Mazars Việt Nam_Tổng quan về thuế TNCN tại Việt Nam
Mazars Việt Nam_​Tổng quan về thuế TNCN tại Việt Nam