Mazars extend partnership with LinkedIn

We are proud to announce that Mazars and LinkedIn Learning extend their partnership for another three years. This investment confirms our commitment to create an excellent growth environment for all employees worldwide and unlocks a competitive advantage through life-long learning.

The Challenge

  • Brand Mazars as a learning organisation – strengthening appeal to both clients and employees.
  • Supply high-quality, highly relevant content as an alternative to YouTube videos, podcasts and TED Talks.
  • Develop bespoke learning content to leverage Mazars expertise, and share it across the organisation.
  • Make learning resources accessible to all employees, regardless of location and language.

The Solution

  • Learning hub mixing existing LinkedIn Learning content with bespoke content from Mazars experts.
  • Blended learning approach, with online content incorporated into seminars and classroom courses.
  • Partners, managers and HR directors curate learning paths in local languages to suit country-specific needs.
  • Chief Technology and Innovation Officer curates annual upskilling campaigns focused around priority digital and tech skills.

The Result

Based on the success, Mazars is increasing its number of LinkedIn Learning licences by 5x providing extensive coverage across all employees worldwide.

A learning organisation to support a learning-led brand

Mazars approached its learning strategy with a key understanding: that the business model for an audit and advisory
firm ultimately depends on its credibility as a learning organisation.

“Our key offer to talented people is that we will increase their employability,” explains Evgeny Lukin, Global Learning & Innovation Project Manager at Mazars. “We give them the opportunity to achieve career success and grow. Like the other big consultancies, we know that talented people are expected to leave at some point. Our goal is to make sure that when they do, they become valuable ambassadors for our business. Alumni with a strong connection to Mazars are a big part of our growth.”

Besides helping to build a highly engaged network of skilled ambassadors, a focus on learning is also essential for meeting clients’ expectations – and giving them confidence in Mazars’ expertise. “As a professional services firm, our expertise needs to cover many different areas,” says Evgeny. “Whether it’s legal, tax, accounting or consulting, we need to know our clients’ businesses as much as they do themselves. Our professions are being transformed by technology, and so it’s important for us to have digital upskilling programmes that can prepare our employees for that.”

Investing in LinkedIn Learning licenses that could be rolled out across Mazars’ employee base proved the critical foundation for building an internal and external learning organisation. “The breadth and the quality of the LinkedIn Learning resources are impressive,” says Evgeny. “It comes from experts whose credentials you can check on LinkedIn – and there’s also the opportunity to create our own bespoke content to supplement what’s on the platform. The user experience is one of the best I’ve seen and tested. It’s easy to navigate, the guidance and suggestions are really pertinent, and the mobile compatibility and offline mode mean that it’s easy for busy people to consume it in chunks. Bite-size is a buzzword that you often hear applied to learning content – but in the case of LinkedIn Learning it really can work that way.”


Mazars extend partnership with LinkedIn
Mazars extend partnership with LinkedIn