The Covid-19 outbreak has caused major disruption around the world and our Mazars accross the globe have responded with agility and resilience. In these troubled times, we want to be closer than ever to our clients and support them with relevant advice and insights.


The Covid-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty and disruption around the world. We remain by our clients’ sides during these unprecedented times, helping to protect people and ensure business continuity and service.

In response to the crisis, we have created a free to access Covid-19: Mazars Global Resource Centre – a dedicated hub with interactive tools, a global helpline and expert insight to help our clients navigate uncharted territory.

Visit our Covid-19 Global Resource Centre

Dealing with the consequences of COVID-19: Insights from our international experts

The unprecedented health crisis we are facing creates new and urgent challenges related to operational, economic and crisis management, for us all.

To deal with this extraordinary situation, our teams at Mazars in Vietnam in various fields of expertise are mobilised and available to bring you the support you need. This is how we want to express our solidarity: by helping our clients overcome emergencies, as well as stay the course and keep their teams engaged.

To support your businesses during these difficult times, we would like to share our most relevant services, which we have adapted to fit the particular health crisis situation.