"Disruptive Leadership Education" - Mazars sponsors TEDxAix 2014

Mazars sponsors a TEDx Conference on May 9th, 2014, in Aix-en-Provence, France, on the theme: "Disruptive Leadership Education". Laurent Choain, Chief HR Officer of the Group, will host the event throughout the day, and Mazars teams will be present to circulate the talks on Twitter.

What is TEDx?

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan "ideas worth spreading".

TED is a knowledge-sharing experience, binding together people from the worlds of science, design, technology, business, education, and arts to rethink tomorrow. With a global culture of innovation, TED is an invitation to discovery and openess to different points of view.

In this spirit of ideas worth spreading, the TEDx concept gives communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to gather in a TED-like experience at a local scale. 

TEDxAix 2014: Disruptive Leadership Education 


The concept of leadership is at the dawn of a radical transformation. Having squandered the opportunity to influence the ethics of power and capitalism, Education was a passive actor in the economic, political, and social crisis that marked the beginning of the 21st century. Yet Education has a role to play in reinventing the leadership model, especially as the current leadership model is proving to be one that is lacking in ambition and diversity, more and more unstable, and no longer fit for purpose, as it continues to replicate the organization, content, and teaching methods from the past.

Education has failed to renew its principles, forgetting its very purpose: to anticipate changes, and to prepare for the world of tomorrow.

TEDxAix is designed as a temporary laboratory to explore disruptions around leadership education. During this unique event, outstanding thinkers and speakers, from various backgrounds, will share their avant-garde ideas and practices with leaders from business, science, art and education. This day is designed as a catalyst for ideas, to rethink practices and implement them on an individual, organizational and societal level, as well as a moment for networking and meaningful discussions. 

Mazars and Leadership Education

Mazars has a strong vision regarding leadership. The quality of our leadership is what has allowed us to maintain our relevance and independence in the highly competitive industry of audit and advisory services and there is a growing emphasis on preparing our leaders of tomorrow.

Today the subject of leadership is critical when navigating diverse economic conditions combined with fast-changing social trends. However, executive education programs have largely remained unchanged despite important changes in the business environment.

At Mazars, we have decided to pioneer our own solution to leadership development, by pooling leaders of today and tomorrow in an ambitious in-house MBA initiative. This program, tested internally on our senior executives and now opening to external companies, offers its own definition of leadership: it is no longer about solitary visionaries, or all-around experts. Developing individual leaders is easy and empty. The real discerning factor is about creating a community of leaders; a community that itself embodies these three ''dimensions''– diversity, ability to embrace the paradigm shift from competition to inclusiveness, and to thrive in a globally connected environment.