Mazars Raise Social Responsibility - Clean Up Day, Earth Day

On Saturday, April 20th, 2019, Mazars Vietnam in Hanoi joined a meaningful event, Clean Up Day, hosted by GreenHub and Keep Vietnam Clean and Green, non-governmental and environmental organizations, aimed at raising social awareness and responsibility to protecting the environment by eliminating and sort our waste before they end up in the ocean.

Earth Day, an environmental and innovative program, was first established in 1969 to fight the disaster of oil spilling at Santa Barbara, California, USA. With the first celebration happened on April 22nd, 1970, Earth Day is now the greatest movement worldwide, celebrated annually includes the involvement of 193 countries and inspire millions of environmental events to spread the words and raise people awareness of Climate change and pollution on our Mother Earth.

Following the lead of Earth Day Network, GreenHub and Keep Vietnam Clean and Green created an environmental event called Clean Up Day to encourage Vietnamese to take action, to share the green spirit to others and help the surrounding environment better day by day, starting with people awareness.

With the same motive and purpose, Mazars Vietnam is proud to pave the way to a Cleaner and Greener Vietnam and the whole wide world, to live up to our spirit, Mazars For Good, and value of creating sustainable growth for all.

Mazars and our people is delightful to join our hands and make some change to our social.